"Jarhead" term

The "jarhead" term was used in the Marine Corps referencing the type of hair cut
(like a glass jar) that was issued to each marine"

WWII 1943 GPW Jeep Pre Restore Picts:

In 1978 a dear friend, Dean Cook and I started re-building my jeep and completed the job working evenings over a 3 year period. Dean did most of the work; I was the assistant and gofeer. Starting with all the bits and pieces, we opted for the best. Unfortunately, we threw away some military parts and now realize the folly of our actions. But we built a neat hunting jeep (and grandkid magnet!). Recently two new friends, Pat Walker and Curt Covington of Lincoln, CA. encouraged me to bring jarhead back to its original state. They’ve been here for me, offering advice and instruction and correction, answering hundreds of questions, and generally looking over my shoulder to make sure I did it right. To Curt and Pat, your resourcefulness is invaluable; I appreciate you guys!

As time went by I had engine problems and had to call on a new friend Randy Payne who bailed me out with many valve and engine re-build projects. Randy was a great resourse to help me thru many projects to complete and maintain my restorations engine needs. Special thanks to you Randy!

What a great club our Foothills Vintage Jeep Group has become. Please check us out at:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FVJG/ I hope you enjoy the pictures and progress-to-date as much as I have enjoyed working on my JARHEAD.

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